AvanWood Glasses Case - Tray Style

AvanWood Glasses Case (tray style)

Innovative open and close mechanism.

We carefully calcurated balance of:

  • natural feature of the wood
  • angle of the curved form
  • thinness adjustment (to 0.8mm) to suit for bending conditions

and finally succeeded in giving innovative open and close function to wood without using other materials such as metal springs.

When the case is open, it acts as a tray, when closed it is more of a case for storage - a glasses case with dual functionality.

Item name:
AvanWood Glasses Case - Tray Style
Item number:
W172 x H53 x D62mm
Maple, Genuine Leather
Shell: Natural wood, Black stain, Blue stain
Inner: Black


  • Product can become misshapen or spoilt if kept in hot or humid conditions.
  • We use natural wood in all our products so there can be some variation in grain, colour and markings.
Natural wood, black stain, blue stain