AvanWood Glasses Case - Slide Style

AvanWood Glasses Case (slide style)

Comfortable Roundness,
Texture of Pure Wood.

The roundness of shell fits to your hand and the beauty of natural wood grain touches you.

We have teamed a leather inner case with a thin bentwood shell. Turning the inner case on its axis, glasses can be stored safely away. The eggshell thin and yet extremely durable solid wood shell protects your valuable glasses.


Item name:
AvanWood Glasses Case - Slide Style
Item number:
W174 x H69 x D45mm
Walnut, Japanese Zelkova,
Genuine Leather
Natural Wood


  • Product can become misshapen or spoilt if kept in hot or humid conditions.
  • We use natural wood in all our products so there can be some variation in grain, colour and markings.
Material: Walnut, Japanese zelkova